Any Suggestions On Best Laser Rangefinder For Shooting

Today, measuring at a considerable distance becomes possible and even enjoyable thanks to the rangefinder. The rangefinder is an optical device for measuring distances as much appreciated by amateur or professional golfers as by hunters or building professionals. Once tested, it is impossible to do without this “weapon” like no other.

Outdoor activities require flawless responsiveness and surgical precision. In this sense, the laser range finder is able, in a flash, to take precise, fast and effective measurements. From a very light point, a best rangefinder with angle compensation is THE ideal companion for exciting and effective sessions! In such a context, there is no room for medium quality products.

It is important to point out that there are “specialized” rangefinders with specific features. This is the case of laser rangefinders for hunters and sport shooters. These do not have, for example, the same needs as golfers. As part of this buying guide, we offer you to discover all the key information related to the use of a laser range finder. Similarly, we will provide a clear answer regarding the relevance of buying a new or used rangefinder (a question that often comes up in hunters and sport shooters). Also, we offer a selection of the best laser rangefinders, and we show you the best platform for a 100% successful purchase.

Criteria for the purchase of a laser rangefinder hunting and sport shooting

As part of a hunting game or sport shooting practice, the laser rangefinder required is similar in many ways. Particularly accurate, the laser rangefinder is suitable for rifle hunting and archery. De facto, this tool is suitable for sports shooting. In our view, the trick is to opt for a “second priority” laser rangefinder in the context of hunting. Indeed, it has the particularity of NOT ignoring the obstacles between you and the game. This is a real advantage to have an even more accurate distance evaluation.


Regarding the common criteria to buy a laser rangefinder suitable for hunting and sport shooting, here is our selection to keep in mind:

● Magnification capacity : We tend to forget it, but the laser rangefinder requires … a quality aim! As such, it must have an effective magnification capacity. On average, we recommend magnification between x5 and x8 for optimal evaluation.

● A “readable” reticle (aiming point) : to evaluate is good, to take a (very) fast measurement is better! As such, you must quickly identify the reticle (point or cross from the rangefinder). It must therefore be particularly well lit to be distinguished quickly among wildlife (even on a clear day). LED cross-hairs are ideal for quick distance shooting.

● Autonomy: On average, a hunting party or a sports shooting session lasts on average not an hour. As such, the autonomy is to be taken into account when buying your laser rangefinder. Battery-powered or battery-powered, make sure you know how much stand-by and standby time you have to avoid being caught off guard! Good to know: the cold tends to over-consume your rangefinder.

● Size and Weight : Not surprisingly, the rangefinder must be as light as possible. Knowing the importance of this ally, and the often dense composition of your paraphernalia, a rangefinder of less than 200 grams is ideal.

● “Best” manufacturers’ conditions : In the vast majority of cases, manufacturers indicate the maximum range of their rangefinder. This one is linked to optimal conditions of use (blue sky and crystalline visibility) … which never arrive! As such, remember to remove 20 to 30% of the indicated distance!

● Image quality : This is not the priority criterion, but a screen with sufficient definition is required to position the aiming point. Also, the coating of the rangefinder is to know for a good grip.

Buy a new or used laser range finder?

The budget needed to purchase a laser range finder is therefore substantial. As such, finding the rare pearl of opportunity can be a real plus to equip without breaking the bank. As for any technological object, good deals exist on the internet.

However, such a product is a boon for shady sellers because it is expensive and some data are not verifiable on simple clichés added to an ad. In any case, we recommend that you “really” see the object if you opt for a second-hand purchase.

Also, keep in mind that this is typically the type of object that does not lose much value over time. A quality laser range finder remains a quality laser range finder.