Should I Get A Baby Swing Under $50?

A common dilemma many parents must face when caring for their babies is whether they should prioritize more economic options over quality. This is true whether you’re talking about food, formulas, diapers, toys, cribs, and of course, baby swings. Now for many parents out there, choosing the more economic option is certainly an attractive thought. After all, raising another human being isn’t cheap. But then, they’d also want the best for their child. Now you see the conundrum.

What if we told you that the actual price of an item really doesn’t matter? It may go against what you’ve been told in the past, but at the end of the day, how cheap or how expensive an item is has very little bearing on the quality. Whether it’s $20 or $50 or $100 or $1000, what makes a good item are the smaller things, its sturdiness, the features it has, or the amount of comfort it can provide. (For each of those price levels, you may click for //

Here, let’s explore the qualities and features that make a baby swing a good one.

What to Look For

Baby swings can take many different forms, from the basic get-the-job-done types with as little frills as possible, to baby entertainment centers with plenty of features to keep your baby occupied. The size can also vary a lot, from full-sized models, to more portable ones you can carry in the car. They all do the basic job of keeping your child from getting bored and providing enrichment.

1.Safety Harness

A baby swing involves a lot of movement, primarily swinging movement. And movement means a higher possibility of your child falling over. A proper baby swing should have good safety harnesses. The best ones are the 5-point harnesses, which has straps going over the shoulder, making it a safer option than 3-point harnesses.


Many swings available nowadays swing up and down, though there also models that swing at a rocking motion from side to side. Newer models also provide circular swinging or bouncy motions for your baby, and even ones where you can control the speed and intensity of the motion itself. You can choose which swinging motion your baby finds more relaxing.

3.Electric Parts

There are a lot of baby swings out there that are connected to a battery-operated motor. These can be a lot more expensive than models you can just plug in, since they can go through a lot of batteries in a short amount of time. Make sure that these parts are secured properly to avoid any mishaps. You should also take note that the motor makes a small humming noise. Some babies find this soothing, while others don’t.

4.Durability and Sturdiness

It goes without saying that an item’s worth is determined as to how strong and durable it is. Make sure you get a swing that has wide legs to prevent it from toppling over while you baby is using it. A good swing should also be easily folded away for easy storage.


It’s common for babies to make quite a mess, especially during their earlier months. You’ll have to deal with spit ups, drool, overflow from their diapers and other messes. Make sure that you baby swing has washable covers for easy cleaning.


It goes without saying that a baby swing should be comfortable. Your baby will be spending a good amount of time here, after all. Some swings have a cradle-style seat, that is able to recline and provide back support. Investing in a good cushion for the seat is also a good thing to do.

7.Extra Features

There are plenty of swings out there that provide extra enrichment to your kids. They come with toy bars, light displays, and can even play music, also, there are some combine multiple functions together, such as baby bouncer swing. The most basic ones have fewer features on them. You can choose which types of swings you should get based on what features your baby likes.

Now to answer the question of whether it’s okay to get a baby swing for under $50 we say, go for it! If it’s a swing that has all the right features, it’s sturdy and can provide the right amount of comfort and enrichment to your baby, the price really doesn’t matter. All that matters to any good parent is to have what’s best for their child, and you can’t really put a price tag on that.